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The Muskrat Wins!

January 6, 2012

Every other Friday Boy Wonder goes to Explorers. They don’t discover or explore a great deal, except for new ways of getting grubby and eating unhealthy food, but he enjoys it. The plan is that on these Fridays Super Girl and I will make stuff, and today she was planning to use the time to make a couple of little shopping bags for her friends, and to applique onto them birds made from some of the lovely little bundle of scraps that I bought from M is for Make, when I got some other fabrics from them in the sale (but that’s another story). We got the fabrics washed and ironed,  and the birds (from this free template) drawn out, but in the mean time she had been distracted by the Muskrat’s Traditional Cookies in the lovely Moomin Cookbookthat she received for Christmas. Clearly the process was not without mess, but the end result was delightful if a little on the large side, turns out we’re no good at judging 7cm lengths. Very nice cinnamon flavour though, so well done Muskrat, the birds will just have to wait for another day.

Everything goes better when the Moomins supervise.
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