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I admit it, I’m fickle

January 5, 2012

For a while Scandilicious was my favourite recipe book, and despite my cardamom bun fiasco I am still a big fan, particularly of the baking, but now I’m sidling up to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall in a Bruce Forsyth-like manner, and he’s my favourite. This is quite a turn up for the books as we don’t eat meat, and Hugh very definitely does, but his latest offering, Veg Everyday is great. I’ve only had it a week, and can already recommend the spinach pie, the aubergine and green bean curry and, most delicious of all the carrot houmous. At least I’m expecting the carrot houmous to be delicious because I made double the quantity of roast carrots (roasted in the tahini, lemon juice and spices) and we had the first phase of them with the spinach pie, and they were really very nice like that, so I have high hopes of their official outcome, which will be put to the test in the Pictlets’ packed lunches tomorrow. I may even be able to tempt Mr. Pict into eating kale, although I suspect I’ll have to change its name – when it comes to food, Mr. P is a man of firm prejudices.

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