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December 18, 2011

Going shopping is not Boy Wonder’s idea of a good time – we’ll probably be able to tempt him to the markets in Manchester later this week, but that will largely be as a consequence of all the grazing opportunities as we move among the stalls. This being so, I wasn’t sure how we’d sell a trip to Holmfirth to him, but then he got an invitation to go over and pretend that his small, ugly plastic models were fighting the small, ugly plastic models of the Efficient Organiser’s sons, so Mr. Pict, Super Girl and I were free to brave the Pennine weather.

Bizarrely there was no snow over there, but there were Christmassy lights, and some lovely places to shop. First stop was The Gift Horse – an odd name really as not remotely horsey, and I’m not sure why it’s not to be trusted. I saw a lovely bag in there and I’m hoping that Mr. Pict was paying attention when I firmly said what a particularly nice bag it was, and how I wouldn’t be able to make one like it.

Heavenly hot chocolate at the Longley Farm café was next on the list, and they also serve a mean Yorkshire curd tart. Suitably sustained we moved on to the fabulous Fair Traders Co-operative, to be tempted by all sorts of wonderful things and stock up with some Grumpy Yule coffee.

There was a terrible moment when I thought that the beautiful Up Country had vanished. We walked disconsolately (well, ok, Mr. Pict wasn’t that disconsolate) past the shop a couple of times, before we had the sense to go in and ask and discover that it had just moved 10 doors up the road to a larger, lighter shop, although I don’t think there’s as much room to sit at the table and browse among the patterns as there used to be. One huge advantage is that there is now a studio upstairs where they are going to be running workshops, and I’m really very tempted. What would you pick?

Obviously I have bought more wool, as due to recent knitting activity I seem to be in danger of not having quite such mountainous quantities in reserve, so I am now happily dreaming of the projects I will embark upon after Christmas.

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