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sweet singing in the choir?

December 11, 2011

There was a choir rehearsal at church today. A bit of a surprise in that we don’t actually have a choir, but we do have an enthusiastic choir leader – the Committed Conductor, who announces an occasional rehearsal two or three times a year and those who fancy themselves as being able to sing turn up after the service and have a go.

So this week we learned our pieces, and next week we sing them in the service, and that will be that until next time. We have two rather nice pieces – one that the C C wrote for last year, and one from the Iona Community, and they have the potential to be quite lovely, I’ve cheated and brought some of the music home to do some sneaky rehearsing at home. Learning wasn’t ideal – the tenors (Boy Wonder and Mr Pict) were encouraged to sit together, rather than at opposite ends of the row – the bass sat at the other end, and the two rather undecided men sat in the middle and joined in with whatever sounded easier. The women did rather sabotage ourselves as we sat next to friends. I’m not stupid (no, really) so I sat next to another alto, but we were a little island surrounded by a sea of sopranos, with the other altos dotted about: an alto archipelago – I think we’ll stand a better chance if we consolidate next time. The Friendly Alto and I are hoping to tempt the Domestic Goddess along by dropping off a copy of the music, although we are fools to ourselves as she’ll be siding against us and with the sopranos. Not that we’re competitive.

This evening some of us went out carol singing, it was all a bit last minute, and I can’t say we were rapturously received everywhere, in fact there were places where I’m not even sure we were noticed, but the people who did come out to listen got to choose their favourites, and we had the pleasure of singing and wishing “Merry Christmas!” What more could you want?

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  1. Creative Crafter permalink
    December 12, 2011 1:52 am

    I’m trying to guess who the Friendly Alto is, it sounds like a blast! Fin is busy practicing on his trumpet to go outside on Christmas Day to play a few carols for the neighbours

  2. pictfamily permalink*
    December 12, 2011 8:00 am

    Well done Fin, you can’t beat carols with brass – though apparently Super Girl is playing her cello for something at the carol service next week 8o)

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