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Beginning the Countdown

December 1, 2011

I am a huge fan of Advent calendars – not so much the tacky little chocolate ones (although obviously chocolate does have its charms), but I love the little glittery ones with charming, pretty pictures behind fiddly little doors. We have ten now lined up along the mantelpiece, slowly accumulated over the years.

The week or so leading up to Advent is always a bit of a trial though. Once upon a time, at a point when my father was going through a brief, grandparental phase, he sent Boy Wonder an Advent calendar. It was one of those fabric ones with pockets, and when it came each pocket held a little gift – not all of them appropriate for his age, but then he’s always had a fairly sketchy grasp of how old we are. This was lovely, but has subsequently become a bit of a millstone, as I now have to fill it every year.

I love the thought of this, but I am so very, very bad at getting organised, and every year I begin Advent without the full complement of items and have to have panicky wrapping sessions for the next day once the Pictlets have gone to bed. This year I have everything that I require (and the first few days’ things are even wrapped), but I can’t find the calendar!

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