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still counting down

October 10, 2011

I’m having mixed success with the 100 days to Christmas thing, although not doing as badly as I’d expected. I think that’s because a lot of it is mostly planning stuff, and I quite like that bit, it’s the actual doing bit where I slack off.

Since I last reported on my progress I’m more or less in line with where I should be, although I do need to update the address book for Christmas cards. I haven’t quite worked out the design for this year’s cards, but I know it will have to involve quite a bit of silver card, as I’ve found a whole box of it.

Three of the posts were about getting ready for Halloween, but we don’t celebrate that, so that was three particularly easy days, and the getting out in the autumn foliage and “leaf peeping” are off the agenda with the weather we’ve been having.

Super Girl and I are home alone this evening, so maybe we’ll take a look at Christmas craft ideas together, and see what we’d like to do. Today’s task is to get something done around the house, so I’m doing a bit more clearing out and tidying in the dining room – all my card and paper supplies are going into proper, organised boxes.


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