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packing a punch!

October 3, 2011
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I was staggered to hear on Radio 4 this morning that 40% of children who take packed lunches don’t have any fruit or vegetables in them. It shouldn’t surprise me, it’s not like I haven’t seen all those little boxes decorated with TV programme characters, full of crisps and chocolate, but I hadn’t quite thought it all through.

The Pictlets have always taken packed lunches to school, except when Super Girl had a brief flirtation with school dinners, a dalliance which resulted in a fortnight of baked potatoes and cheese – the novelty sort of wore off. They started primary school in the Turkey Twizzler era, so the concept wasn’t wildly appealling, and it was protein that was really the issue for me. The school cook was firmly of the opinion that cheese was the answer to all of a vegetarian’s protein requirements – where possible combined with pastry.

I have to say though, that one of the things that I find most useful about the whole packed lunch thing is the ability to cover the fruit and veg front. I am not the world’s most organised and competent caterer. I mean well, but there are a worrying number of days when pizzas are the answer. The Pictlets always have some juice and a piece of fruit for breakfast, then they always take an apple and at least one other portion of fruit or veg, which means that even on my dodgier days, we’re pretty likely to have ticked the five-a-day box.On a definite roll today – apple, grapes and cucumber all went off in the lunchbags today  8o)

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