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A Tale of Two Cakes

September 18, 2011

I am a big fan of Ursula Ferrigno’s books – a wide range of Italian cooking and baking, and I’ve always got good results following her recipes, but had mixed success this weekend with a couple of cakes from Italy: Sea to Sky. Her ricotta cheesecake with candied orange may have looked bland and ordinary, but it tasted lovely and was very simple and straight forward to make.

However I also did a bit of light adapting of her pear, lemon and almond cake and that didn’t go so well. I definitely used the right size of tin (I’m sometimes a bit casual about that but this time I checked and I was fine) and I didn’t adapt too freely – just swapped nectarine for pear and put some blackberries in it, but the results were disappointing.

Although I had added the juice of only one lemon, rather than two, to offset any possible juice from the blackberries, the one hour of baking time stipulated by Ursula was nowhere near enough, and by the time I could get it to stop wobbling in the middle, the outside was rather overdone. It looks lovely but only tastes ok, which is rather a shame although obviously it won’t stop the family from polishing it off.

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