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So how is the “52 things” thing going?

September 17, 2011

That would have been one a week, I’m definitely nowhere near that, but on the other hand I haven’t done quite as badly as it might look. I’m still making the dreaded socks, I have knitted a little bear for one of Mr. Pictfamily’s great nieces (but I’ll have to knit her dress before you see her, I can’t show you a bare bear), and I’ve been doing some cross-stitching of motifs for things too, so what with those, and my phenomenally ambitious list of things to make for Christmas, my total should go up quite nicely.

I’m also not actually at seven things, because I forgot to tell you about Easter. I loved these little bunnies from the Debbie Bliss book whose name escapes me, and ended up making three for friends in Switzerland, two for the great nieces and one each for Super Girl and Boy Wonder (so that takes me up to 14), lots – but then you know what bunnies are like!

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