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dividing and conquering

March 24, 2011

Once upon a time we had a vegetable patch, and for a while I was very enthusiastic about it, but with the dodginess of the weather and the enthusiasms of two small children to contend with, it was increasingly neglected so that we ended up with a pretty impressive bramble patch instead. We fixed that last year with some intensive slashing and burning and Super Girl set to with saw and screwdriver and made me some frames for raised beds, and I am sl glad that we decided to go down that route. Granted, we do now have less growing space, but what we have is accessible, and the slate that we’ve put down between the beds means that I don’t have to fret about mud underfoot when it’s been raining (of course it’s been raining!) It’s also much more attractive an area of the garden now, as SG and Boy Wonder even painted the frames blue, but even if none of that was true, the big thing that really makes having raised beds worthwhile is that rather than having one big bed, perpetually reproaching me, I now have six small ones which are much more manageable propositions. Weeding each of them goes on the “to do” list in their own right, so when a bed has been done, that’s it ticked off – a job completed, rather than me having just a section of a larger patch done, and the job still unticked.

Only one more bed to be done now, and I’m just off out to tackle it, then all I will need to do is find some way to stop the local cats availing themselves of the newly weeded and planted facilities.


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