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I have cycled the Solar System

February 24, 2011

How’s that for an excuse for not having been online and blogging? Pretty good, I’m sure you’ll agree, and even if I admit that it was just the stretch of Sustrans’ route 65 near York, with its scaled model of the solar system, I’m still feeling quite proud of myself. I was grateful that modern scientific advice has ruled Pluto not to be a planet, saving me from the last couple of kilometres – although Boy Wonder was old school and pedalled on to include it. He still managed to overtake Super Girl and me round about Uranus even though we turned back at Neptune!

Although this was actually just a wet, cold and blowy morning’s activity, rather than an Einstein-invoking pedal through space and time, my absence this time is excusable because we went over to York in Moomin for a few days. One of our favourite cities, with plenty to do. In theory, we were going to do outdoorsy things like walking and cycling if the weather was fine, and indoor things, like museum and gallery visiting if it wasn’t. Somehow it didn’t work out quite like that: the weather was cold, often wet and sometimes even snowy but we nevertheless completed a 10 km walk around the city and its walls and we improved our green credentials (a bit shaky with Moomin) by cycling into York and back from the farm where we stayed. It was ominously named Bleak House Farm, although actually it was a friendly place with an incredibly Grundy-like farmyard in which we stayed alongside every car they had ever owned.

It was the week of the Viking Festival, and although we couldn’t be there for its highlights we enjoyed our visit to Jorvik although I’m a little nervous about admitting that as we were meant to be going to the museum that the Domestic Goddess’ husband works at – the opposition! We did visit York Art Gallery though to see David Hockney’s Bigger Trees near Warter and rounded off Tuesday with a visit to the Theatre Royal to see their excellent production of To Kill a Mockingbird – how cultured we are  8o)

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