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time to get out there (but not for too long)

February 6, 2011

In the winter we may as well not have a garden. When it’s been snowing it’s beautiful and the slope means that it’s not bad for sledging, but mostly it’s just wet and unkempt and nobody wants to go there. However, now that the first signs of Spring are stirring, it was time to get back out there, even if just for a quick first assessment. Boy Wonder and I went out in the rain yesterday to do a spot of pruning of the super keen rambler/clematis/honeysuckle combo, and today it was time for a bit of purchasing.

We are  fortunate to have a garden centre nearby. Now the word garden is a bit misleading here, because they sell an awful lot of stuff that is destined never to get near a garden, and one of their main claims to fame is their cake selection (although I’ve never been able to understand who would buy the one with the bright green icing that seems to be a regular feature of the display).  It’s a pleasant place to mooch round though, and after coffee with the Domestic Goddess and the Patient Photographer on Friday, I headed over to take a look. So after a bit of browsing and planning then it was time to put it into action today – well the buying bit, the rain put me off the doing bit. Don’t get me wrong, they do actually have some garden stuff, and we decided upon a willow planter and trellis to go by the front door. Weather permitting, I’ll show you how it looks tomorrow.

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