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A Tale of Two Playdoughs

January 28, 2011

Boy Wonder's photo

We tried out a more conventional playdough recipe too, and this time we added a few drops of blue cosmetic colouring – I thought a few more drops would be good, but Boy Wonder liked this shade, and we added a bit more mandarin oil too. It was much thicker than the previous salt based dough (see last post) and I think I may have overcooked it slightly. In case you’re wondering, both recipes would have made the same amount, but there’s only half the amount of the colorless one because we were waiting for the husband to bring home more cheap salt, as well as cream of tartar (what is cream of tartar?)

In the event the blue playdough made it into school to model the tail of an emulsion molecule – apparently someone else was taking the playdough for the head, which was lucky because the colourless one didn’t work out quite so well. After a day in a plastic tub it was all sticky – probably all the salt in it absorbing more water – you can actually see the stickiness in the photo. The blue however performed with distinction (in a playdough sort of way) and has now come home to be honourably retired to the Domestic Goddess’s younger daughter.

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