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January 7, 2011

I needed to go into Manchester today, to exchange a shirt that I got the husband before Christmas. Due to a complicated (but dull) situation (not my fault, I hasten to add) I had ended up with a medium, which he definitely isn’t, and I was rather dreading it but the nice people there were far more accommodating than I had hoped. Situation resolved.

Had to trek through the falling snow to get to the station, and once I was there I thought I might as well make the most of it, and track down the new knitting shop, Purl City,  in the Northern Quarter. It took me a couple of laps after the nice girl in the retro shop sent me in the wrong direction, but it was well worth seeking out.

It’s lovely, and the woman serving today was very friendly and helpful but I think it could cost me an awful lot of money – the yarns are just too beautiful, and there were whole new ranges of sock wool to explore, although in the end I bought some lovely olive green yarn from Fyberspates – appropriately named scrumptious, and I’ve started on a much-needed hat. I had to borrow one of Boy Wonder’s today and it really didn’t suit me.

On my way back to the station, I bought a lovely dress in the East sale that was even £5 less than it said on the ticket, so definitely a day of 3 Good Things, and then a pleasant afternoon knitting with friends. We have a new recruit to the knitting club and in a serious departure from the norm, we did all knit, and we didn’t eat cake – some mistake surely!

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