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52 things

January 3, 2011

In addition to a bit of quick present finishing for the Patchwork Perfectionist over Christmas, I also had to knit a bit of holly to top off a “Christmas Pudding” hat I had made for a friend’s baby (forgot to photograph it, sorry). The hat was really quick and easy, but I’d been slow to get around to the holly (no change there then) as I thought it was going to be tricky and I couldn’t quite envisage how it was going to work out.

In the event, I was just being unimaginative, and it was really easy.  It came from a new book by Debbie Bliss called The Knitter’s Year. It’s built on a great premise – 52 projects to knit through the year, in theory each taking no more than a week (some, like the lavender bags, take an evening or less) and there’s lots more great looking stuff in there. Certainly a lot I’d like to knit, although I suspect I shall never feel the need of knitted plant pot covers, I mean, why would you?

I really enjoyed the feeling of making presents for people, although not the stress I put myself under trying to do it in time, so I hatched a plan that I would knit presents for everyone for next year – even if that meant starting on Boxing Day (of course on Boxing Day I was still engaged on this Christmas, but that’s not the point!). So this is the plan: I’m going to make 52 things this year – an average of one a week even though I’m sure I won’t manage that metronomic regularity, and I’m allowed to count sewing too.

I have embarked upon thing number 1, a cover for the beautiful notebook in which my lists of projects, etc. will be kept. Hope to show it to you soon  8o)

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