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The Owl Service

July 17, 2010

I’ve kept being reminded of this strange but classic book by Alan Garner, as I embarked upon this week’s craft project for Super Girl. To make a long story not a great deal shorter, this was her last week at school and the leavers voted to have a Movies theme for their party. Some came as Minnie Mouse, an unnerving number went as St. Trinians girls, and others picked films that would let them wear their party dresses. Super Girl wanted to go in her jeans and a T-shirt and we decided upon Annabeth Chase (from the Percy Jackson film) jeans, baseball boots, long honey-coloured hair – perfect.  So that would have been fine, but I wasn’t content, there needed to be something that made her a bit more “Annabethy” so we hit upon the idea of appliquéing (almost certainly not a real word) an owl onto the T-shirt. It’s amazing how many free owl appliqué patterns there are out there, but we chose this one from Singer. Their instructions looked very complicated but I just traced the pattern onto iron-on interfacing, ironed that onto our selected fabrics, cut out and placed the pieces, and then stitched them on by hand.

And the Alan Garner connection? Well if you’ve read the book you’ll know that there was a complicated scenario whereby flowers kept becoming owls, and that’s what we did too.  Incidentally, to illustrate quite how serious my hoarding tendencies are, the owl’s body is cut from material that my Mum made me pyjamas  out of when I was a girl, younger than Super Girl is now, and I had a little dress made out of the leaves fabric. That really is serious. Thoroughly recommend the book by the way – in fact picked up a copy for Boy Wonder at the Oxfam shop recently – I just wish I knew where I’d put it.


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