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one good thing about Saddleworth . . .

June 13, 2010

. . . you don’t need to water the garden too often during the summer, and today is a case in point. Of course it was bound to rain because today is Saddleworth Show – an extravaganza of old cars, English Civil War re-enactors and racing camels – these last a particularly surreal sight, sliding in the mud! Still, we dutifully all turned out with our umbrellas to cheer them on, and the doughnuts were nice and warming.

After church this morning, the price Boy Wonder paid for being allowed to just head home rather than hanging around while I chatted to people over coffee, was to start off some dough for foccacia in the breadmaker. It only took three consultative ‘phone calls, and all was well, so all that remained was to decide upon what we were having with it: the co-op was selling off celery so celery soup it was! Despite my extensive cookery book collection, a straightforward celery soup recipe was lacking, so this is mine:

Soften a large onion, a couple of cloves of garlic and a head of celery  (all finely chopped) in some olive oil. Add half a teaspoon of cumin (obviously more or less, depending upon your tastes) and a teaspoon or two of vegetable bouillon powder if you don’t have any vegetable stock or vegetable cooking water to use. I added in a pint and a half of of water, brought to the boil and cooked for about 20 minutes, then partly blitzed it, to have a soup with some body, and added in milk to my chosen consistency, before warming through and serving with the flat bread. Lovely!

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