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out in the garden

June 12, 2010

A sunny day again today, and the Efficient Organiser and her husband came round to admire the raised beds – they know their duty! We’ve invested in our very own watering can with a rose, rather than having to borrow the neighbours’ let’s face it with the amount of rain we get, I haven’t had a huge need of one before. We’ve also bought some stuff to deter the cats or foxes that are scratching up the beds (and worse!) but the nematodes seem to be doing their stuff as there is no real sign of damage anywhere, and I haven’t even seen any on the beds since the middle of the week.

Super Girl and I have started a garden scrapbook, which is looking rather nice, so I have the details in there of all the crops planted, so we can keep a record of how they do.

So that’s two good things, and the third is ice-cream: I’d promised Super Girl and Boy Wonder an ice-cream yesterday, but we got there just as they were cashing up. The nice lady took pity on us and said we could have the cones yesterday and pay today, so I had to go along and pay our debts, and it seemed wrong not to buy some more while I was there, so we had vanilla with cookie dough for tea – made watching football almost bearable.

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