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wonderful weekend

May 23, 2010

With the fabulous sunshine we’ve had this weekend, a barbecue seemed the way to go  – in an excess of enthusiasm I made beanburgers, vegetable kebabs and potato and halloumi kebabs, with greek salad and flatbread. It all went very nicely with a bottle of the cider we brought back from Bayeux last summer (it’s not that we brought back gallons, but it’s best suited to outdoor drinking on sunny days, so there hasn’t been much call for it).

When I went to the garden centre with the Domestic Goddess on Friday, I nearly bought some mint (ours seems to have taken offence at all the recent neglect) but she said that we could have some of hers.  This evening, she walked up to bring us some, so I said thank you, showed off the willow fedge a bit and sent her back home again with a bit of cranesbill that I needed to clear out of what will be the vegetable beds, and some bits of a rampant currant – I think it’s red but it may turn out to be black.  I’d feel bad about just composting it, but at the same time we really can’t leave it there. As the DG pointed out, the garden is looking much better than it did this time last year, and we have more progress in hand, I just need to finish clearing the area for the raised beds before it’s too late to plant things in it.

Three good things: blueberry waffles for breakfast; the barbecue (there’s not chance of my ever being slimmer, is there, when so many of the good things revolve around food?); swapping plants with the Domestic Goddess.

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