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a friend in need . . .

May 17, 2010

. . . is a friend who’s eaten at my house! There was I feeling all good and home-makery, having helped Super Girl to make flapjacks yesterday, so when the Creative Crafter came round this afternoon, so far so good. Unfortunately it had completely gone out of my mind that the flapjacks contained peanut butter, and the CC has a nut allergy. Well I’m having the nerve to write about it now, so clearly all was well, but it was a worrying ten minutes or so between phoning for the ambulance and the nice paramedic turning up. The CC was clearly affected by the errant nuts, but not enough to prevent her trying to engage the np in lively conversation about one of his colleagues who the CC is teaching to make cushion covers – is there no end to this woman’s enthusiasm?

The ambulance man and woman who came along a little bit later to whisk her off to hospital just in case, were equally friendly – the woman decided to take her life in her hands and try the offending flapjack, pronouncing it tasty – not much of a consolation really. I really am even more of a liability than I thought.

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