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rolling a rock

May 14, 2010

I have been pondering an appropriate analogy for how I’m feeling at the moment, and what I’ve come up with is Sisyphus.  It’s all feeling like a huge effort, and whatever I do get done, pretty much needs to be redone next day, no wonder they made it a torment in Tartarus.

The most creative I’ve got recently is that Super Girl and I have cut out the patterns for some clothes for her doll (Camille from Les Cheries by Corolle).  Super Girl had to size up the pattern onto squared paper, and we’re planning to get the sewing machine out tomorrow. The clothes for Les Cheries are quite pricey, so we were delighted to find that there was a whole book of patterns for clothes, the only downside is that it’s French. We’re pretty much fine on the sewing stuff, what I don’t know we can look up or guess, mostly what you’re going to need to do is clear from the pattern itself. The knitted ones are going to be trickier – even in English knitting has a language all its own, so I guess that’s going to be a translating fest at some point.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day, I guess. Just call me Scarlet . . .

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