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a room without books . . .

May 11, 2010

. . . according to the saying “is as a body without a soul.” In our house it’s probably safe to say that a room without books would be little short of miraculous! In my vague attempts to impose order upon it all, I am firmly of the opinion that you can’t go far wrong with the purchase of a bookcase, so a trip to IKEA for yet another Billy bookcase took place on Sunday, and it is now installed on the landing – a repository for maps, guide books, etc. Actually there is some order to it – the Creative Crafter was impressed with the state of the dining room bookcases the other day – but it has always been the case that my fiction was in alphabetical order, and my history books were chronologically arranged – it’s just all the rest of my life that needs sorting out.

I did manage a little bit of sorting, in that I have passed on to the Creative Crafter’s sons some clothes that Boy Wonder has outgrown – so that’s a useful deed from all points of view.

Any creativity? Well not much, but I did make some blueberry scones – delicious, but a bit tricky to mix as I put rather too many blueberries in, and they were frozen ones, so it all got very chilly. They were so nice that there were going to be none left for packed lunches the next day, so Super Girl and I made some more when she got home – sultana this time.

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