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green shoots

April 18, 2010

I hope you like the new header for the blog. It’s cropped from a photo I took while we were in Switzerland a few days ago. We had a wonderful visit to a friend’s apartment, and it was really beautiful there. Downside – we were due to fly home the first day of the disruption after the Icelandic volcano blew. Still, TGV, Eurostar and Virgin trains later, we made it home, only just over 24 hours late!

We were hugely lucky that while we were on the TGV from Geneva to Paris, the Efficient Organiser set to – texting us numbers of hotels to try so that we could find somewhere to stay for that night, and after a couple of hours of ringing round we were sorted (the fact that the phone signal kept cutting out didn’t really help here). The woman at the St. Germain de Pres Holiday Inn was very amused when I finally said: “ok, now we’re booked to stay at your hotel – where exactly is it and how do we get there from Gare de Lyon?”

We were lucky enough to be able to log on and sort out Eurostar tickets for the next day – and we decided to have a few hours in Paris, rather than just dash straight back. It was more of an adventure that way, and since it looks like this might be the most expensive day trip we’ve ever had, it seemed a shame not to make the most of it. We took a bus down to the Louvre after dumping our luggage at the Gare de Nord, and spent a couple of hours there, then had a lovely walk along by the Seine, down to  the the Ile de la Cité where Bertillon sells wonderful ice-creams.

I remember years ago, reading someone’s theory that it’s good to have things go off plan sometimes, when you’re with your children – it shows them that problems can be dealt with and they can learn from how you react and cope. Our two were great, although Super Girl clearly got a bit tired and anxious at times.

After the Efficient Organiser’s early efforts to sort us out, the Creative Crafter left us some milk, bread and cornflakes on the doorstep – the perfect welcome home gift. It was good to be home!

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