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hot cross buns

April 3, 2010

A few years ago, when we were on holiday in Italy, we kept calling Super Girl “Bun” because she got very hot and cross, nevertheless I like them anyway and SG and I had a go at making our own today. We did cheat a bit and used the breadmaker for the dough, but then we made it into buns and made the paste crosses to go on top. They were delicious although we don’t have much to show for them now, even though we weren’t particularly greedy. Super Girl and Boy Wonder went swimming this afternoon, and BW brought back the Efficient Organiser’s 3 boys for a bun (which I was sort of expecting) and the EO herself (which I wasn’t), and then the EO felt sorry for her husband, home alone and bunless, and so we summoned him over too.

In the mean time, Super Girl was supposed to bring the Creative Crafter’s son back to our house after swimming so he could try out BW’s old bike, but she forgot him (!) and went for hot chocolate with a friend, so the CC brought him round – the house was really in no fit state for entertaining, but the posse of boys in the sitting room really weren’t going to notice, and the rest of us sat outside in the sun, and now bun supplies are pretty low again, but it was a nice afternoon.

All of these tie in nicely with the Year of Living Carefully – Super Girl and I made the buns (I’m feeling quite domestic as there was also home made minestrone soup for lunch, and toad in the hole and ratatouille for tea – that well known combination), I’ve done a bit more egg felting – showing off to the Efficient Organiser, and the bike went home with the Creative Crafter’s son, so a useful bit of clearing out went on there – although obviously it hasn’t improved the state of the house itself!

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