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in like a lion, out like a . . . polar bear?

March 31, 2010

well, maybe not a polar bear, but something that favours cold and wild. March definitely isn’t going out like a lamb. Amazing to think that last term finished with snow, and this term has too (although it didn’t lie this time). Even though it’s been a relatively short term, everyone is shattered and we’re looking forward to a break after tomorrow. A bit more time for family stuff, and a bit more felting – the Creative Crafter came round yesterday, and I showed her how to do the eggs and in return she’s lent me her flower loom to have a go with. Super Girl tried it out today, but I think we need a bit more practice – I’d like to try it with ribbon.

Followed up the afternoon with a lovely trip to see Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty – the Creative Crafter had actually made some of the costumes in a previous incarnation – I’m really not very bruised from where she kept nudging me to point out another!

My vague contribution to living carefully today was making lentil burgers for our tea, rather than just using the quorn ones (now safely in the freezer for another time). Easy and tasty, the recipe’s off the back of a Merchant Gourmet black beluga lentils packet: 75g plain flour, 1 egg, 100 ml milk, 1tsp cumin, a little crushed chilli, mix up all the ingredients I’ve just listed, add in the packet of lentils then fry, in tablespoonfuls, for a minute or two each side. This isn’t quite the version on the packet, but pretty close (I miss out the salt for one thing), and really simple.

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