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fish, fedge and flowers

March 28, 2010

Home-made fish pie for tea – nice and easy, not least because t I cheated and used bought puff pastry for the topping. With the left overs I added some crumbled boursin with garlic and herbs, a little finely chopped onion, thinly sliced tomato and a bit of grated cheese to finish off – baked at the same time as the pie I now have some nice little pizza-type things for tomorrow’s packed lunches – it’s always a bonus when I don’t stagger out of bed in the mornings wondering what lunch will be today.

Fedge may be a word with which you are not entirely familiar – it’s a mixture of fence and hedge and seems to be the name given to fences woven of living willow – which is what we had a go at constructing this afternoon. I think we may have spaced it out slightly more than the people who shipped the kit to us expected, but they were undeniably generous in their supplies, and I think we’re going to use some of what remains on another fedge to screen a neighbour’s shed further down the garden. Clearly it lacks a certain amount of geometric precision, but we’re very pleased with it.

A few flowers in the garden – bizarrely I planted two almost identical patches in the little front garden with hellebores, miniature narcissus and yellow tulips – one patch is looking beautiful and the other is almost non-existent. But the main flowery focus has been inside today – Super Girl has been doing a Tudor project at school – she’s been constructing a house with woven artstraws to replace the wattle and then tissue paper and pva glue as daub. This evening we moved on to creating our very own Tudor garden out of felt, ribbon and bits of printed cotton. Hoping to get it finished tomorrow, so you can see it then!


3 good things: Boy Wonder back from Scout camp: Super Girl’s netball team winning their league; planting the fedge

Living Carefully: got rid of some old bits of patchwork that had rusted pins in them (at this rate the house should be nicely cleared in a couple of years time – maybe I ought to speed up!); planned and worked on the Tudor garden with Super Girl; constructed the fedge – have to admit – got the husband to do the tricky bits!

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