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two into one

March 25, 2010

I’m mashing together yesterday and today and still not managing to hit all my targets, but I’m afraid it’s the best I can do. The only creative thing I’ve managed to muster in the last two days was making some chocolate cupcakes, and now they’ve all gone again! To be fair, I did take the majority to book club yesterday, it’s not that we wolfed them all, but it still seems a bit sad.

I did rather better on the clearing front, gave a few outgrown computer games to a friend’s daughter, and put a bag full of books into the Oxfam book bank, sadly it’s made no visible difference yet.

Doing stuff with Boy Wonder wasn’t wildly exciting, we were working through his planning for an evaluation he has to do at school tomorrow – we were talking about memories (the theme of the artwork and presentation he was evaluating) and it was a bit unnerving when he said that it’s always the bad memories you remember best. I kind of know what he means, but I think I do need to try harder!

Today’s good things: chocolate cupcakes (though I say it myself), planning with Super Girl (we’re going to go shopping for beads and felting stuff on Saturday, and maybe even buy the silver Birkenstocks I resisted earlier in the week!), ice cream.  Uh oh! look back at this list and you’ll see why I was feeling too fat to go to a clothes sale this evening. Need to try harder on that too!

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