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books, birds and cake

March 23, 2010

Working today, so everything a bit rushed.  My Year of Living Carefully hasn’t manifested itself in much today, except I did read some more of Around the World in 80 Days with Super Girl and Boy Wonder – we’re currently speeding across India by train having just rescued a beautiful widow from suttee. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much we’re all enjoying it. No knitting – it’s getting a bit cumbersome to carry round, and I didn’t do any sorting out either, so will have to re-apply myself tomorrow.

Definitely some good things though:

– a parcel of willow arrived today, so now I really do have to go through with my stated aim of creating a “fedge” at the top of the garden. It’s all looking a bit bigger and more technical than I had imagined. So constructing that may turn out to be my birthday treat!

– it looks like blackbirds are nesting in the tangle of rambling rose and variegated something in the back yard, and there was a wren singing its heart out on top of it all this morning.

– brilliant programme about maps and map-making on BBC Radio 4’s listen again – I was particularly intrigued by the idea of the cake circle.  Apparently someone who lives in London has drawn a circle around his house and once a week he bakes a cake and then takes it to a random house on the perimeter and gives it to someone.  I think it’s a brilliant idea, although sadly we live in times in which it is probably wise to be suspicious of strange cake.  But what I really wanted to know was, what diameter is the circle? How did he choose the distance? And how on earth do you come up with an idea like that in the first place? The world needs more cake circles.

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