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cold house: warm heart!

March 22, 2010

It wasn’t a great start to the day, and it was certainly a chilly one – no doubt about it the boiler wasn’t co-operating. First task – texting friends who I think have encountered boiler issues lately to see whether they can recommend someone.  The only recommendation I get back is for someone we’ve used before but didn’t like (I hadn’t realised I was so fussy!) and quite a few people get in touch to tell me who not to use. Sort of helpful, but not entirely.

But I had also had the presence of mind to ask a friend whose husband is an electrician, on the basis that he will probably have someone he’s worked with.  She texts back to say that her husband will be in touch with a number. Better than that, he rings me to say that he’ll come and take a look, in case it’s something he can help with.

Obviously it doesn’t go entirely smoothly – he rings back in 15 minutes to say he thought I was in – where am I? I’m at home – it turns out he’s at the home of a mutual friend having muddled the two of us. Another 15 minutes and not only does he turn up with a dazzling array of screwdrivers, he finds an electrical problem and all is now well again. Who’d have thought it could all turn out so well? Today’s three good things are undoubtedly the friendly electrician, the boiler working again and all those friends who tried to help.

And how have I got on with my allotted tasks? I went through the cupboard under the boiler and found an unnervingly large stash of fabric to work my way through, but also some stuff I haven’t missed in the last couple of years that can go to a charity shop and some sewing stuff (linings of things mostly) that my Mum had hung onto that I really don’t need to, so it’s in the bin – result!

Nothing wildly exciting to report on the creative front – more knitting, it’s all getting very big and shapeless, and I’m hoping that the felting will work out, I’ve never done this before.

I don’t think Boy Wonder will count me standing over him while he produces his coursework to a presentable standard as quality sharing time, so we’ll have to go for a bedtime story instead. We’re reading Around the World in 80 Days.

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