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by their shoes shall ye know them . . .

March 21, 2010

a beautiful, spring- like day, and we’ve been out in quite a bit of it: originally the Domestic Goddess talked us into joining in the Sport Relief run, and due to the other time commitments of the day, it was going to be three miles and not just one! Now I’m really not built for speed, and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, I don’t even own a pair of trainers, although I do have three pairs of walking boots – and a pair of walking shoes which had the honour of being worn for this. However it all turned out much better than expected – we ended up doing our own run round the local track with a few other families instead – and we’re sending off what would have been our entry money to Comic Relief. I even managed to run more than half of it, which was considerably more than I was expecting (as long as you use the word ‘run’ fairly loosely) and after that we went back to the Domestic Goddess’ for pancakes. Just to make sure that we didn’t lose any weight as a consequence of our exertions. So no doubt about three good things today: sunshine, pancakes and the satisfaction of having done a good thing!

I haven’t forgotten my other targets either – Super Girl and Boy Wonder have tried on some tops and T-shirts and we have a pile of the outgrown to pass on to the Besieged Diva’s daughter.

I’ve done a bit more knitting for the bag I’m going to felt, and we’ve wrapped up the bracelets for Super Girl’s friends.

Badgering SG and BW into trying on clothes, probably shouldn’t count as a shared activity – but maybe we can count the run – Super Girl was well ahead of me, and we were very proud of Boy Wonder as he went for the 12 lap option and did his three miles!

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