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back to basics

March 20, 2010

I’m trying not to say this in a grey, majorian sort of way. What I mean is that a little while ago I blogged about how I thought this should be my Year of Living Carefully – not a risk averse sort of living, but living in way that expresses greater care for my family, my community, and possibly even for the world in general. However, I am easily distracted, and I think I’ve sort of moved away from that without meaning to.

This morning I was trying to think about what little daily actions I could set myself as targets that would help work towards this, and I’m concentrating on home and family at the moment. Family – because that’s where it all comes from, and home because I’m hoping that if that’s a little less chaotic, I will be a bit more together. So my three daily targets are:

get rid of something (thrown away, passed on to someone or a charity shop, sold on e-Bay, whatever) – there’s just too much stuff!

make something (try to bring a bit more creativity into our lives)

do something with Boy Wonder and/or Super Girl (time is going so fast, and soon they won’t really want to do stuff with me anyway, so I need to seize my moments)

They aren’t particularly ambitious targets, but I hope that the small changes will build towards a noticeable difference, and it’s the daily bit that I hope will be the charm.

So today, I got rid of an old Christmas cracker on a bookcase in the bedroom (why was it even there in the first place?) and cleared out a few old magazines. It’s not what you’d call a big change but it’s a start.

Super Girl and I have made some bracelets for birthday presents. I’ll take some pics and show you them tomorrow, but we’re very pleased with them. (Two birds with one stone!)

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