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I think the C may stand for cavalry!

February 25, 2010

Mr. C has come riding to our rescue again. The dishwasher, after a  lifetime of faithful service, has finally expired. The husband has been saying for a while that it needed replacing, but I’m not good at getting rid of stuff – even old white goods, so even though we could only pull the top rack halfway out, or it would plummet down onto the dishes below, and the bottom rack had to be eased in and rebalanced on its wheels, I thought it was fine.  But it’s been poorly for a while, and it started to leak. Just a little bit at first, so I ignored it and hoped it might go away (always my domestic technique of first choice). There have been times over the years when it has leaked for a while and then stopped, so I was hopeful. But then calamity! The flooding became excessive, and just as I was thinking that maybe it was time to have a dishwasher that didn’t require a week’s supply of towels every day, it upped the ante and produced a strange, straining noise.

It was time to call Mr. C and now I am happy to announce that he will be arriving on Monday morning, with a brand new machine – how exciting is that?  I’m not good at choosing, and not in the least excited by the choosing of large domestic appliances – so one of the best bits about Mr. C is that he tells me what he can get in stock (from some mystery place), tells me what he recommends, I say ok and he comes and fits it and takes the old one away.  Everything should be so easy!

So that’s definitely a good thing, my other good things for today are:

Although the weather is rubbish, bleak and cold, the days are definitely getting longer, and at least when I took Super Girl to netball this evening it was light, even if I did still need the torch to collect her.

Boy Wonder has made his famous (well they should be) chocolate brownies. Unfortunately they’re for the Big Swap Baking Challenge we’re running at Church on Saturday, so can’t really eat any, but even the smell is pretty good.

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