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away days

February 19, 2010

Back to the three good things. Don’t read anything into the break, it has certainly been no worse than other times, there hasn’t been a shortage of good things, just less organisation about blogging about it.  Partly my attention has been taken up with watching the Winter Olympics, which I love to do.  It’s just a shame that for us the action happens so late.  I can already sense that Boy Wonder is hoping to be ill to see the ski cross (and I don’t really blame him!) So watching Vancouver has definitely been a good thing, although I would have liked to see more of the cross country (we’ve just seen the occasional finish) and a lot less of the curling (housework on ice).

We did tear ourselves away for a night to visit Chester in Moomin, our campervan.  Definitely a good thing, not just the being away, but just all being together and close in the van.  We play board games, have early nights, read a lot more, and Super Girl particularly likes the fact that we are all so close, and can chat from our beds.

While away I started on my next knitting venture – I have never knitted on four needles before, so I have found a fairly basic pattern for hand warmers, to experiment on for the first time.  If all goes well, everyone will have mittens next Christmas!

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