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Mixed feelings

February 11, 2010

Boy Wonder had a bad day at school today, and that’s horrible. He’s mostly very even-tempered, but when he’s upset he gets really upset.  Super Girl and I went to meet him, and we all went to get some hot chocolate. Although he was sad, drinking hot chocolate with the two of them was one of my three good things today. Super Girl was very concerned and trying to cheer him up, and the three of us sat around planning a suitable vengeance!

Related to the above, you can never have too much chocolate when you’re feeling down, so we were pleased to see that Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food was half price – good thing number two.  At times like this I am reminded of advice a friend once put on an envelope to me: When in doubt, delegate.  When in distress, be unreasonable.  When in despair, eat chocolate!

I have booked to go on a plastic bonding course next week. No, I don’t know what it is, either, but it sounds fun and it was nice that the Creative Crafter asked if I wanted to go along. Not sure I’ll ever bond with plastic though.

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