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party time

February 6, 2010

Yet again, my procrastination nearly got the better of me – and I ended up frantically ironing interfacing onto fabric this morning, but in the end all was well, and people at today’s church party have decorated 40 pennants, to make into bunting for decorating future events, and to commemorate today.  Some of them are beautiful, some of them are strange, most of them fall somewhere between those two, but when they are all put together they’re going to look great. Only one was really a bit too post-modern to be considered as bunting at all.

My chocolate and almond cake turned out pretty well, especially when you consider that it was really meant to be chocolate and hazelnut.

Good to have so many people gathered together at the party today, some we hadn’t seen for quite a while.  It’s just a shame that we’re all Methodists, as a glass of wine would have improved the event considerably (good as it already was).  One of those ironies where even the Minister was heading home for a glass of wine with his cupcake, but we can’t drink on the premises.  Still, hardly one of life’s greatest hardships, and I’m sitting here making up for it now!

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