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Fabulous Friday

February 5, 2010

My three good things this week, just have to begin with the fact that it’s Friday – it seems to have been one of those weeks that have highlighted particularly well my poor time-management and prioritisation skills, I’m glad that it’s drawing to a close.

Spanish Lunches – it has been Spanish Week at Super Girl’s school this week – beginning with a wonderful “flight” in the school hall – for true verisimilitude, we even had queues and chaos before hand, as they waited to have their tickets checked and weigh their luggage. So we have tried to enter into the spirit of the thing with this week’s lunchboxes – and although it’s taken up a bit more mental energy than usual, it’s been really good. The week has focused on the Spanish speaking world, and not just Spain itself, so we were able to be a bit more wide-ranging. So the week has consisted of: Monday – Spanish omlette (an old favourite but I hadn’t made it for quite a while); Tuesday – chilli (made with quorn mince); Wednesday – quorn fajita strips with pepper strips and cucumber, and a couple of corn tortillas to wrap them in; Thursday – our own take on abondigas (quorn italian-style meatballs in a spicy tomato  sauce) with a tortilla; Friday – empanadas – it looks like a pasty but it’s made with bread and stuffed with beans and vegetables in a tomato sauce (at least that’s what ours were stuffed with), like a calzone really. The fajita strips, “abondigas” and empanadas were all new but the verdict is that we can add them to the lunchtime repertoire, so that’s good.

Super Girl all dressed up in blue, white and a tiny bit of yellow for school today – why those colours for Spanish week? Well, apparently they are the colours of the flag of the Canary Islands, which was the “destination” for Super Girl’s class.  She’s had a great time, and it’s just a shame that we couldn’t have gone for real.

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