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It’s (nearly) all about friends.

February 4, 2010

Got a lovely long, newsy e-mail today from the Eternal Optimist – a friend I haven’t heard from in a long time.  She is living the life of Heidi, complete with her very own goats and goatherd and all is well.  It was good to catch up. Friendship is a wonderful thing, and eccentric friends are particularly valuable, if only to hold them up to the husband as models of how much harder to live with I could be if I tried.

The Creative Crafter ‘phoned to say she had helped out with sending some pictures I’d been slow about.  Thank you  8o)

Boy Wonder’s Parents’ Evening at school.  They all seem to like him, so that’s good.  I asked one teacher to explain what they’re going to be doing at some club he will be running.  Had to explain that although he may ask pertinent questions and be happy to contribute in class, at home he mostly just says “fine” and “okay” and that usually takes quite a bit of prompting.

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