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Sicky Toffee Pudding

February 2, 2010

No, that’s not an omitted T up there.  I made the sticky toffee pudding recipe from Sam Stern’s Student Cookbook (it was a present for Boy Wonder last year, and generally speaking is pretty good).  Unlike most sponge puddings this one doesn’t need to be steamed, it’s just baked in the oven, and you make the sauce separately.  Well the pudding itself was nice, but the sauce was just too sugary – I think we’d be better off just having the date sponge with custard another time – a nice quick one to make for cold evenings, and the dates are high in iron – I think I could probably put less sugar in than the recipe said too.  So, probably not a good thing – which still leaves me with three to find:

Super Girl has finally had her tooth filled at the children’s dental clinic.  Not that having a filling is good in itself (definitely not!) but this has been dragging on since before last summer.  She is normally pretty bold and fearless but was awarded four points for a refusal after not being able to make herself open her mouth wide enough between sobs.  After two such ludicrous attempts we were referred on to the specialist clinic, and what would have been one appointment then became four.  We had to go in, meet everybody and see how nice they were and be reassured about how it would all be fine, then we had to go in and be talked through a healthy diet and how to clean out teeth properly (I didn’t know we weren’t meant to rinse, so that was handy), then we had to have a trial run of “happy air” and some varnish stuff painted on her teeth, and today, finally, they did the deed. Super Girl was drowsily stoic as she lay there clutching Rose the bear, and very relieved when it was over. They were lovely, calm, smily people, and I hope they won’t take it amiss if I say that I hope we never need to see them again.

Reading P. G. Wodehouse – I’m enjoying Lord Emsworth’s discomfiture at dealing with the blister Baxter.  although dated the language is wonderful, and cheerfully dotty – I think Boy Wonder might like it.

Seeing ER on Channel 4 this morning (bad habit, I know) I didn’t get to see this series.

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