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bonus time in snowy limbo

January 13, 2010

We really caught the snow last week – there had actually been snow lying since before we broke up for the Christmas holidays, but it started to fall again, just before it was time to go back.  At first it seemed a shame that we were getting fresh snow, just when the children wouldn’t have such opportunities to enjoy it, but then the snow kept falling, and we ended up getting a bonus week off because of the snow and the problems getting around.  Boy Wonder did have to go into school on Monday, but after that they cut their losses too, and we were happy to have him home.  It felt like wonderfully free time, much more so than the holidays.  I think this was partly because it was unexpected, partly because we didn’t know how long it would last, but also because there wasn’t really much that we could do.  We didn’t have plans, like we had for the holidays, and it wasn’t really possible to go far or do much anyway, which was curiously liberating.

Really the week consisted of a great deal of sledging and eating of puddings, and was none the worse for that.  Discussion since with other mothers, has thrown up a few issues though.  I am fundamentally lazy and had no problem with the whole, staying in, cooking meals, doing a spot of knitting thing, I even stirred myself for a barbecue in the snow on Thursday, but I didn’t feel the urge to throw myself into clearing and tidying just because I was in more.  Clearly this is a fault in my hard-wiring, although hardly news by now.  I just had to nod and smile while listening to the descriptions of cupboards that have never been so clean, but although I had considered it, and even did a bit of sorting out, it just wasn’t the same sort of driving need that others (at least claim to have) experienced.  The push to a clearer, more beautiful home, is clearly going to be a long haul.

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