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not so much a carpet, more a landscape

August 31, 2009

it wasn’t me who thought of it.  Boy Wonder had just returned from a bike ride with the Domestic Goddess’ husband and the Creative Crafter’s husband (henceforth to be known for the purposes of concision as DGH and CCH) and I was feeling bad about not being able to ask them in for a cup of tea, but I just didn’t have anywhere to put them.  I could just about find them some floor to stand on, but that would be it.  Obviously this sorry state of affairs can’t really carry on, but I am being spurred into action (well I will be in a minute, when I’ve stopped sitting down, blogging) by the thought that Boy Wonder has 3 friends coming over for a day of Warhammer, and so we’re going to need combat space in the sitting room.

Then the thought struck us, that I could just leave the piles of stuff and they could be landscape.  CCH went one further and suggested we lay a sheet over the whole lot, it could be winter warfare in the mountains.  Better than the war of attrition I seem to be fighting now.

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