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the joy of building a bed

August 29, 2009

it was Boy Wonder who disassembled his bed – he was really competent and did incredibly well with our burgeoning collection of alan keys, but it was really over optimistic to think he would manage the re-assembly as well, particularly in the tiny room.  Unfortunately his inherited inability to consult instructions meant that there were a few ad hoc decisions made which then had to be unmade but just when we were losing hope suddenly there it was, looking remarkably bed-like, and a great deal of nut tightening, loosening and retightening later, all is now well.

It is unavoidably a large bed in a small room, and you have to turn sideways to get in, but after that it is a definite improvement, with real (plum-coloured) floor space, and everything.  Now that I have very nearly excavated the dining table from my last lot of attempted sorting, I am even considering getting out the sewing machine and working on the next phase: blind, floor cushion, and some pockety things to attach to the bed rails.  If I weren’t going to interfere with my incredible laziness, I’d be getting quite excited!

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