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found under a gooseberry bush

July 28, 2009

. . . not me, gooseberries.  The weather may be foul (actually no maybe about it) but all this wetness, combined with a certain amount of warmth means that the gooseberry crop has been pretty good.  Boy Wonder wanted to make rice pudding (and who was I to deny his boyish enthusiasm, although I did have to reschedule the risotto I’d been planning so that it wasn’t too much of a rice fest) so stewed gooseberries made the ideal accompaniment.  Stewed with just a knob of butter and about six ounces of sugar to each pound of gooseberries, they were delicious.  Could only prevail upon Boy Wonder and Super Girl to have one gooseberry each, but I’ve frozen the remainder and will add them to stewed apple for a crumble or pudding.  Apparently gooseberries are high in vitamin C and don’t lose much of it when cooked, so they are worth persevering with.  Apple crumble is the trojan horse of the fruit world – half apple, half red currants went down very successfully today, with sponge (four ounces each of butter, sugar and self-raising flour, two eggs, a teaspoon of baking powder and a bit of vanilla essence) on top.  At least it’s good pudding weather!

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