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clearly I ought to be doing something else . . .

July 17, 2009

. . . which is why I’m sitting in my bedroom blogging instead.  The something else I ought to be doing is sorting out clothes and stuff for next week’s trip to the Lakes.  Given my traditionally haphazard housekeeping style, this is a case of going through the heaps of clothes on Boy Wonder and Super Girl’s floors to see what can look presentable at least one more time, and excavating the ironing mound to drag out whatever looks flat enough to complement it.  This isn’t quite as bad as it sounds, it’s not like I’m taking my poor neglected family to show themselves up among the well-pressed, somewhere that people will notice these things.  We’re going to be spending a happy week of the English summer in the Lake District.  Five minutes after we’ve stepped out of the door everything we are wearing will either be so wet, so muddy or so both, that no-one will be able to tell what state it was in when I packed it.  As long as I remember the sleeping bags, the walking boots and a staggering number of towels per person, we’ll be good to go.

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