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apres nous le déluge

July 15, 2009

 . . . except that actually I think the déluge must have been planned for apres some people who have already gone before, because boy is it deluging now!  If we didn’t live up a steep hill, about as far from the sea as you can get (some mistake surely, I’ve always loved the seaside) I’d be thinking that an ark might be the way to go.  Except I’d never want to clean out all those animals, and I’m not at all sure how Noah handled the whole carnivorous question.  Still the sky is now a slightly lighter, leaden shade rather than the previous sullen, dark grey, so maybe now’s the time to make a dash for home – in as much as I ever dash, obviously.  At least it was dry, if not sunny for Super Girl’s Sports Day yesterday, and as luck would have it Boy Wonder was home, so I could send him to deputise for me in the parents’ skipping and egg and spoon races – after all, why go to all the trouble, inconvenience and expense of having a son, and then do your own running?

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