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it’s the first weekend in July, so that can mean only one thing . . .

July 3, 2009

. . . well two things actually, the school summer fair, and torrential rain.  I hit meltdown yesterday, and wasted a great deal of time sobbing bitterly about how it was all going to go horribly wrong, but today I am calm again and all shall be well.  The Creative Crafter and I spent a happy hour (she says it wasn’t happy, but she was wrong) putting up bunting after school today – boy can we bunt – on the happy principle that in this sort of situation more is more.  Our theme given the date, had to be The United States, and we’ve themed some of our activities around the different states.  We have the human fruit machine for Nevada, Idaho potato and spoon races (weather permitting) and our pièce de résistance a rodeo bull.  We’re getting quite excited in a sad, motherly, PTA sort of a way.  Some of the state tourist boards of the US have come up trumps and sent some great posters to decorate the hall with.  The helpers’ chart was looking rather forlorn (if you ignored, as I did, all the superkeen Year 5s and 6s), but people always turn up and help on the day, so doubtless all shall be well.  I’ll let you know  8o)

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