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good, green garden

May 29, 2009
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Last year, after we’d had quite a bit of work done at the front of the house (new drive, and new wall around little garden) I couldn’t quite picture how it was going to be, so temporary measures were called for.  I had an unnervingly large number of packets of seeds – you know what it’s like: the seeds you bought but never got around to planting, the ones you decided against, and then the half packets that got left over.  We just divided the plants up into shortish, medium and tall, and then sprinkled the appropriate seeds in the different zones of the little garden.  It’s come out remarkably well really.  I am gradually planting the things that we want (six hellebores, a white dicentra, a white hollyhock, a pale pink peony, some bistort and a lavender so far) and the seeds make sure that the rest is looking good and green.  The only thing is, I have planted so many random seeds that I’m not sure what’s coming up and what’s a weed.  I’m pulling up the mares tails (in horrific numbers), the birdseed and the ones that shoot up overnight with pink flowers, whose name I forget, I definitely don’t want any of those, but for the rest I shall just have to wait and see what turns up, and follow the old principle that a weed is simply a plant where you don’t want it.

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