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take my advice, I’m not using it

March 26, 2009

It’s strange, isn’t it, how we can sometimes find ourselves trying to advise someone else, and find that actually it would be pretty good advice for ourselves, but somehow it hadn’t quite occurred to us like that before?

Yesterday I ended up trying to console one of Super Girl’s friends, who seemed to be upset about one thing, but then when we talked it all turned into something else.  What it boiled down to, for her, was that she really wanted to be like one of her friends (actually she said that she wanted to be her) and was upset that she wasn’t.  

Of course that doesn’t work.  I explained that I’d rather be Elle MacPherson (okay I’m not entirely sure why she was the first person who came to mind, but I could have chosen first, right?) but I have realised that I never will be.  The best that I can do is try to identify what the qualities of the person are that I would like to have and then to work at developing those qualities in myself.  I am a firm believer that we can shape and change our characters through our actions – we are what we do.  When I’m feeling uncomfortable in a social situation (this only doesn’t happen often because I don’t actually get involved in many social situations) I ask myself what a confident person would do, and then I try to do that – or I take my drink and go and sit quietly in a corner – nobody’s perfect!  

Our quality of life isn’t a destination, it’s the journey.  In each ten minutes we can just do the best we can for that particular time, and then move on to the next ten minutes, and if it doesn’t always go to plan, that’s fine too.  Sometimes the best journeys are the ones where we take an unexpected detour.

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