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where’s a haberdashery department when you want one?

March 21, 2009

Super Girl and I are visiting friends in London, and not having a great deal planned I thought that on our way to the educational extravaganza that is the South Kensington museums, we would look for some knitting needles.  I have begun knitting a brea bag but the only needles that I had of a suitable size were a plastic pair that used to belong to my Mother.  It is one of those bizarre facts of life that I have 4 nice pairs of 4.5 mm and even more 3.25 but other sizes I have none!  So I’ve made a start, but I really don’t like them much, and now that I’m half way up (or rather down) one side, it’s quite weighty, so what I really want is a good bamboo circular.  We’re staying near Sloane Square, so ambled along to Peter Jones, who does have a haberdashery department (good old Peter) but only mundane needles, so it seemed that Harrods might be the answer.  But despite their amazing Egyptian Hall and wondrous food department, haberdashery was there none.  Life is hard sometimes.

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