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the überlist

March 12, 2009

I have a bit of a thing about making lists – I think they give me the illusion of control: everything’s accounted for, it’s on the list.  And pretty much everything is on the list.  I was about to say that the list is so long that I don’t know how much is on it, but that’s not true.  I do know exactly how much is on it, I just don’t want to tell anyone.  It’s like the magic porridge pot, as fast as stuff gets taken off it, more gets added.

Every week I use my Room Tasks list to update what I should be doing every week, and every month I do the same.  I can’t quite remember a week when I ever actually did all (most?) of the things that I have allotted to myself to do, and so it grows.  Sometimes I try to forsake the tyranny of the list, but it always draws me back.  Owing to the fact that everything goes on it in the first place, I do actually get to delete quite a lot and it is just so satisfying when I can.

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