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paper tiger

March 10, 2009

Quite a few years ago, when we first moved to this house, and there was still space to put things, without having to use too much force, we bought a filing cabinet, and then another, to file stuff in – you probably guessed that bit.  I even came over all keen and got some great blue paint for them, and they looked very smart.  These days they’re not so smart, they’re vanishing under a constant almost-avalanche of paperwork that really ought to be in there, but the cabinets are stuffed to bursting.  It seemed like time to be brave and take a look.  

We have had an unfortunate tendency to squirrel stuff away in there (bad choice of verb after yesterday’s post) and never look at it again.  But today I was good: I have thrown away leaflets about places we may have wanted to visit in 2003, details of pre-school term times (Super Girl is now 10), recipes torn out of magazines ten years ago, but never yet made.  The husband has even agreed that the details for his sale of not our last house, nor the one before that, but the one before that, maybe don’t need to be kept in there.  It’s all progress.  Next stage, of course, will be to move new stuff into the gaps.  And then to remember to look at it again.

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